Talking turkey: Governor Hochul packs meals and a punch on Cuomo rebuke

Governor Kathy Hochul joined the National Guard Monday to help pack turkeys, but during a press conference at the event, reporters bombarded her with questions on next year’s election and her affiliation with former Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The Governor arrived at the Jacob Javits Center just after 9 a.m. on Nov. 22 to oversee and help pack hundreds of turkeys set to be distributed to New York families in need. She found men and women of the military filling the entertainment mecca’s expansive halls and heaving boxes of refrigerated poultry into the back of multiple trucks.

Members of the National Guard fill a truck with freshly packed turkeys. Photo by Dean Moses
Some 3,200 turkeys were packed away at the Jacob Javits Center for distribution throughout New York. Photo by Dean Moses

Hochul thanked those helping to feed the hungry before joining the cause herself.

“We have a lot of work to do, my friends. It is the holiday season and there are a lot of families who are going to be hurting this year. They were in trouble; some of them before the pandemic, but the pandemic has been particularly brutal for so many individuals and communities that have not recovered yet. So we are here to help. We are here to show them what New York State love is all about and we are going to get to work right away because there are families waiting for this,” Hochul said.

Boxes were packed. Photo by Dean Moses

Hochul spent time with the service members, standing alongside them stuffing the meals into bags and shaking hands. Working in tandem, several vehicles were swiftly jam-packed. 

After concluding her packing duties, the Governor spoke to reporters regarding her support of vaccinated families gathering for Thanksgiving and with the frozen foul still on her fingertips, the governor was asked if she was concerned the public would see herself and her predecessor as birds of the same feather. This comes after fresh reports that the New York State Assembly Judiciary Committee found that former Governor Andrew Cuomo was likely to have committed sexual harassment.

Governor Kathy Hochul helped pack turkeys for New York families. Photo by Dean Moses
Governor Kathy Hochul posed with military personnel. Photo by Dean Moses

“No, it’s a different administration. I have not had the time to read the report, I have been here making sure that we have turkeys available for families in the State of New York,” the Governor fired back before continuing, “But I did call for an investigation by the Assembly.”

Governor Kathy Hochul stated adamantly that decisions made by former Governor Andrew Cuomo were a part of a different administration. Photo by Dean Moses
Military packed boxes of turkeys. Photo by Dean Moses