The BEST Time to Visit New York City (And The Season to Avoid!)

A-ha! So you’ve decided to make the trip, but are struggling to decide on the best time to visit New York City. There are so many things to consider like festivals and events, and of course mother nature herself, the weather.

You want to pick a time to visit the Big Apple that suits your interests and is ripe for exploration. As a local New Yorker myself, I’m here to help!

Combing my knowledge and experience, I’ve written this article in hopes of helping you decide when the best time to visit New York City.

There’s always something going on, but I want to help you have the most magical and memorable experience in the city I love. But hey, enough of the small talk, let’s get to the good stuff!

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Free things to do NYC St. Patrick's

Tips for visiting NYC for the first time

  • The subway is the best way to get around: sure, Taxis, Ubers and Lyfts are convenient but taking them everywhere will tally up a tab that’ll deprive you of spending your hard earned cash on real experiences.
    The subway is what locals use, and you should too. For only $2.75 and either Apple Maps or Google Maps you can get just about anywhere you need to go.
  • Use the restroom when you can: This is a New York City travel tip I can’t stress enough — restrooms are hard to come by! Plan ahead and use the restroom at restaurants you’re patronizing. If all else fails, your next best bet is to run into the nearest mall.
  • Comfortable walking shoes are a must: The subway is an efficient mode of transportation but it won’t drop you off at the door, so you will be doing a lot of walking. You’re going to want shoes that will keep your feet comfortable, you’ll be getting those steps in, I guarantee it.

Interested in more tips? Consider reading 20 HELPFUL Tips for Visiting New York City (Written By a Life-Long Local).

Moving to New York City

Fall is the best time to visit New York City

Daily average temperatures: September (76°) | October (64°) | November (55°)

I’m not usually one for definitive statements, but in this case it applies: Fall is the best time to visit New York City.

New York in autumn is just as magical as you’d imagine. From the fall foliage engulfing Central Park to businesses getting ready for the holidays, the city can be so charming it’s surreal!

Fall is also the best time to visit New York City thanks to the pleasant weather. Most days, you’re okay with just a sweater which leaves the door open to being both stylish and comfy (holla!).

Not to mention fall is when the holiday celebrations kick off (and I’m not talking about Christmas).

The city practically owns Thanksgiving thanks to the Macy’s Parade. All this to say, fall is the best time to visit New York City.

Fall Activities | Best Time to Visit New York City

Get lost in the fall foliage in Central Park

Spanning more than 840 healthy acres, Central Park is an architectural feat that few can resist falling in love with. I can’t recommend visiting enough, whether it’s just for a few hours or a few days of exploring.

Central Park single-handedly draws in thousands of tourists a year. Thanks to its vibrant foliage I consider fall to be the best time to visit New York City.

The 18,000 trees in the park burst into vivid shades of red, yellow and orange. Pair that with the Manhattan skyline and you get the most picturesque setting. As somebody who’s done a bit of traveling, it’s unlike anything else in the world.

Best time to visit New York City
Celebrate Halloween Weekend

Outside of Christmas, Halloween has to be my favorite holiday in New York City. I tell friends the best time to visit New York City is in the fall with the hope they come on Halloween.

Don’t expect modestly decorated brownstones for Halloween, it’s like New Yorkers go to Home-Depot and clear the shelves. In fact, I find it hard to believe there’s any decorations left for the rest of America!

On Halloween night streets all across the city get shut down for the inevitable mob of adorable trick or treaters. And for the adults looking to swap the candy for booze, there’s plenty of bars that host Halloween parties.

Oh yeah, and there’s an annual parade with more than 50,000 costumed participants. Want to read more about halloween in New York City? Check this out.

Catch the New York City Marathon

If you’ve never spectated a marathon you’re missing out. The New York City Marathon is one of the best in the world, so let this be your first. Runners from all around the globe descend to the Big Apple to run through all five boroughs and chase glory.

There’s a level of discipline and grit that’s visible in the runners faces. For some, running is their livelihood but others they just want to push their bodies to the breaking point, and then keep going.

At the end of the day all the competitors are total badasses. Plus, there’s a level of fun that comes from cheering on the sidelines with thousands of other spectators. Marathon day is a hoot and a half, and one of the reasons fall is the best time to visit New York City.

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most memorable things to do in New York City. How do I know? Well, for starters, my mom has visited me six times since I’ve moved to New York City and we’ve walked across this bridge every single time.

And the fall is the best time to visit New York City if walking the bridge is on your bucket-list. For starters, the weather is cozy but there’s an even more deserving reason.

You want to walk the Brooklyn Bridge at sunrise. Not only is it the most scenic time to take in the views, but since it’s in the morning the crowds that gather at sunset are still in bed! And in the fall, sunrise some mornings can be as late as 7:30, which sure beats the 5 AM summer wake up call.

best things to do in New York City at night
Celebrate Thanksgiving

The famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has been a staple since 1924, only being suspended during World War II. More than 50 million viewers cheer on from home and the only thing better is being here to see it in person.

And the day before the parade you can take a peak behind the curtain and see how the balloons come to life. The balloons are inflated in the streets surrounding the American Museum of Natural History.

Even if you skip the parade, I still consider the fall to be the best time to visit New York City thanks to the abundant Thanksgiving celebrations. Have Thanksgiving Dinner,

Pros of visiting New York City in the fall

  • Great weather
  • Scenic foliage all around the city
  • Kickoff into the holiday season

Cons of visiting New York City in the fall

  • Early sunsets
  • Can start to get cold for some

The second best time to visit New York City is in the spring

Daily average temperatures: March (52°) | April (64°) | May (72°)

Spring may not be the best time to visit New York City, but it’s a close second. In fact, spring might be the best time to travel, period.

Colorful flowers are in bloom and there seems to be a liveliness in the city that’s equivalent to the first day of school. Keep in mind winters are brutal in NYC (we’ll get to that later) so locals are ecstatic to get outside.

West Side Community Garden Tulips

With the nicer weather comes the ability to partake in more outdoor activities too. The more than 1,700 parks in the city become home to migrating birds and rooftop bars and restaurants open their doors again. Not to mention outdoor dining is back, baby!

Spring Activities | Best Time to Visit New York City

Check out the Cherry Blossoms

Springtime can be the best time to visit New York City for the sheer charm. The romantic blushing trees completely change the city landscape and the concrete jungle becomes a vibrant paradise.

You can do the legwork yourself and leapfrog from one cherry bloom to the next (this article will help), or just casually take them in on your strolls. Either way, be sure to bring your camera!

Brooklyn Botanic Garden Blossoms
Enjoy a drink at the MET’s rooftop bar (after perusing the museum, of course)

With more than 2 million pieces of art spanning 5,000+ years, the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) is the largest museum in the country and the fifth largest museum in the world. 

If you only have time to visit one museum, this is the one. Plus, it’s conveniently located within Central Park, so you don’t have to go far out of your way to visit.

In the spring you can visit the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Roof Garden to enjoy a refreshing drink. You’ll be able to take in the splendor that is Central Park and the Manhattan skyline on summer day in New York City.

Check out a Yankees game

Grab your ball caps boys (and gals, or course!), we’re going to the ball park. With a record 27 World Series wins, the New York Yankees are both historic and iconic figures in New York City.

Located in the Bronx, Yankee Stadium is accessible by subway. Even better, tickets can be found for as little as $10 depending on the game. Be sure to catch a game in the spring before they get too unbearably hot in the summer.

Explore the surrounding islands

Be sure take advantage of the best time to visit New York City and enjoy one of the many islands surrounding the Big Apple. There’s plenty of smaller islands filled with fun things to do a short ferry ride away.

Take a free ferry to Staten Island (even if you just take the ferry back). Visit Ellis Island and climb the Statue of Liberty. Don’t forget to check out the cherry blossoms on Roosevelt Island.

All this to say, with the warm weather the city opens up. Hop on a ferry and go explore!

Pros of visiting New York City in the spring

  • Beautiful blooms
  • Outdoor dining returns
  • Locals come out of hibernation

Cons of visiting New York City in the spring

  • Allergies
  • Occasional spring showers

Visiting New York City in winter

Daily average temperatures: December (44°) | January (39°) | February (43°)

Winter and summer were kind of a toss up when deciding the best time to visit New York City. Ultimately, I chose to give winter the upper hand simply because of the holiday festivities that take place in December.

The romance of Christmas lights around every corner, decorated restaurants and myriad of Christmas shows give the city a rom-com like setting. I’m already married and yet it makes me want to propose again, the magic is contagious!

Best ice skating rinks New York City
Does it snow in New York City?

It snows on average 12 days of the year in New York City, most often spread between January and February. Usually, it’ll only snow for a day or two at a time and melt into a slush, so bring waterproof shoes if you have them.

If you decide winter is the best time to visit New York City always prepare for the chance of snow, but don’t expect it to blizzard your whole stay.

Need help deciding what to bring? Read What to Pack for New York in Winter (20 Things You Can’t Forget!).

If I’m being frank — after December the weather really goes south (and I don’t mean tropical). You have to really come prepared for the elements, I’m talking waterproof shoes, insulated coats, beanies, plus these bad boys don’t hurt.

The layers can get to be a hassle when you finally get where you’re going and start shedding like a snake. Then you’re stuck having to carry around your extra jackets and sweaters. Pay attention to the weather report and dress accordingly before heading out.

Saks Fifth Light Show

Winter Activities | Best Time to Visit New York City

Gawk at the Christmas decorations

There’s something special about being bundled up with a cozy scarf and thick wool coat, with a warm drink in hand while the chilly city glistens from the glow of Christmas lights and decorated Christmas trees.

The best part is the decorations are strung up all around the major attractions. Most first time visitors will visit places like the Rockefeller Center, Bryant Park, and Wall Street during their trip and places like these spots always dress the part and decorate for the season.

Free things to do NYC Rockefeller
Catch the Nutcracker at the Lincoln Center

George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker ballet performance at the Lincoln Center has to be the most iconic NYC holiday experience in the Big Apple.

The talent the world-class ballerinas have is mind boggling and the show is not something you will forget anytime soon. Plus, the live orchestra playing Tschaikovsky’s music is always a nice touch. 😉

Lincoln Center NYC Rainy Day
Celebrate New Years Eve New York City Style

As a local, a question I often get asked is if visiting New York City for New Years Eve is as magical as it seems. The truthful answer? It’s even better, you just have to know how to plan it.

It’s no secret that New York City has it all, from confetti showers at the Times Square Ball Drop to spending the evening dressed to the nines at a cocktail party, you can get as fancy (or relaxed) as you want.

Need help planning? Be sure to read The Complete Guide to Celebrating New Years Eve in New York City (2023)

Check out Chinese Lunar New Year Parade

Chinatown is already one of the best Manhattan neighborhoods to explore, but during Chinese New Years it goes to a whole new level.

The streets come alive with locals in festive, traditional wear and music fills the air with the festivities culminating in the Lunar New Year parade.

If you’ve never seen such an event I can’t encourage the pit-stop more. It’s a unique way to take in a different culture and a memory you won’t soon forget.

Visit one of the (many) holiday markets

New York City is home to plenty of year-round markets, but the best ones pop-up during the winter time.

In a city known for it’s shopping, often times the best finds are tucked away in one of the many New York City Christmas Markets. Local artisans and creators bring their unique products and locals can’t seem to get enough.

They’re quick and convenient if you’re searching for a gift or souvenir. Or they’re just a fun way to spend a few hours sipping on something warm and watching folks scurry around.

Pros of visiting New York City in winter

  • Holiday decorations
  • Seasonal markets
  • Less crowds in January & February

Cons of visiting New York City in winter

  • Inclement weather
  • Early sunsets
  • Have to pack & carry layers
Rockefeller Center Ice Skating NYC

Visiting New York City in summer

Daily average temperatures: June (80°) | July (84°) | August (84°)

You know what they say, there’s nothing like summer in the city. Even though it’s my least preferred season, for a lot of people it’s the best time to visit New York City.

Even though the city is at its most accessible point, with rooftop bars at full capacity and outdoor activities at their peak to me the heat can just be too damn much.

Where to see outdoor movies in New York City

There’s no need to sugarcoat it, New York City in the summer is hot! Most of the city is concrete and cement, which absorbs heat and creates what scientist call the urban heat island effect.

Not to get too nerdy on you, but an urban heat island is a weather effect where an islands temperature is up to 7 degrees higher than the surrounding area. Sometimes that comfortable 80° day starts feeling a little closer to 90°.

And if you sweat easily like I do? Lord, have mercy. In the suburbs you jump from an AC’d house to an AC’d car to an AC’d store, in New York? We walk! You should always be prepared for high summer temperatures in NYC and make sure you stay properly hydrated!

How to not look like a tourist in NYC
Best time to visit New York City

Summer Activities | Best Time to Visit New York City

Take in the pride parade

New York City goes all out for pride month. Throughout the whole month of June there is activity that take place where you can show your support and ally-ship.

The biggest event is the annual Pride Parade that takes the city by storm. Swarms of people line city streets and watch floats, performers and art pieces march down to thunderous applause.

Best time to visit New York City
Catch a sunset movie at Bryant Park

Bryant Park is perfectly tucked among towering office buildings that make up the heart of Midtown Manhattan. Located right behind the breathtaking New York Public Library, it’s not uncommon to find all the chairs and benches full during New York City’s summer days. 

Most notably, New York City summers welcome the long-awaited free movies on the lawn. The entire field gets filled with cheery folks on picnic blankets eager to watch a movie with their pals.

What’s more, there’s even food and drinks for sale (adult beverages too) so you can make a whole date of it.

Best time to visit New York City
Spend the day at Coney Island

Coney Island’s famed amusement parks and beaches are hot commodities during New York City’s summer months. I’ve spent entire days here with friends enjoying rides and eating great food and been left itching for more.

This vibrant neighborhood holds a lot of history and has fun things to do for all ages. Peruse the boardwalk and see if you can win a prize playing a carnival game or ride the nearly 100 year old wooden roller coaster named the Cyclone.

If you ever run into me here I guarantee I’ll either be holding an ice cream or snow cone. Make sure to stop by Coney Cones and get a frozen treat to beat the heat.

Enjoy the NY Philharmonic Concerts in the Parks

Catching a performance by the New York Philharmonic has been considered one of the best things to do during an eventful New York City summer since 1965.

Getting tickets to a world-class classical music concert in an incredible open air venues would normally cost an arm and a leg, but thankfully these events are completely free.

I encourage everyone to check out a showing. Classical music isn’t to everybody’s taste but seeing it live is entirely different. It’s epic and monumental, and an experience you won’t soon forget.

Best Summer activities NYC

Pros of visiting New York City in summer

  • Everything is open
  • Outdoor activities are available
  • A lot of free events

Cons of visiting New York City in summer

  • Heat can be too much to handle
  • Mosquitos in some of the parks
  • Bad smell after it rains on garbage days
Best time to visit New York City

List of Events in NYC by Month | Best Time to Visit New York City

Visiting New York City in January
  • Three Kings Day Parade: The Museo del Barrio is a museum dedicated to celebrating the heritage and cultures of Latin and Caribbean people, and in doing so hosts an annual Three Kings Day Parade.
    The parade features performances and characters, namely the Three Kings (sometimes called the Three Wise Men) that visited Jesus after birth. Expect music and a fun celebration the whole family can take part in. Read more here.
  • Winter Jazz Fest: Originally taking place on a single day in a single venue, the well deserved rise in popularity of the Winter Jazz Fest has seen it evolve into a week-long celebration at over 20+ jazz clubs in New York City. Expect both established and up and coming musicians. More info here.
  • Broadway Week: During Broadway Week folks are able to purchase 2-for-1 tickets, effectively doubling the bang for your buck. If you’re a Broadway geek (like me) this might be the best time to visit New York City! Dates and tickets available here.
Moving to New York City
Visiting New York City in February
  • Chinese Lunar New Year Parade: Chinatown’s streets serve as hosts to the annual festivities. Home to the largest population of Chinese people outside of China, Manhattan’s Chinatown is the best place to be on the lunar new year. Dates & info here.
  • Restaurant Week: Foodies rejoice! Restaurants week is the best time to visit New York City for those of us whose mood is dictated by food. Restaurants all across the city offer two and three course meals at a discounted rate giving folks the opportunity to try a little bit of everything. Dates and info here.
  • NYC Must See Week: Top attractions in the city offer a 2-for-1 sale on entry tickets. Previous years have seen observation decks, museums and tours. More info here.
  • Fashion Week: Fashion icons and celebrities from all across the world congregate in the Big Apple to showcase all the best trends for the upcoming fall and winter seasons.
    There are runway shows at venues all across the city and even one on one shopping opportunities with the designers., If you’re into the fashion this is undoubtedly the best time to visit New York City. Read more here.
Mr. Taka Ramen Best things to do New York City in Winter
Visiting New York City in March
  • Asia Week: For a little more than a week galleries and museums spotlight Asian art and culture. There’s artwork both on display and for sale at places like auction houses and museums. More info here.
  • St. Patrick’s Day Parade: The St. Patrick’s Day Parade goes all the way back to 1762, meaning it’s a tradition older than America itself. The parade goes down 5th Avenue every March 17th. Read more info.
  • Macy’s Flower Show: Macy’s Herald Square is the biggest department store in America, and every spring it’s filled to the brim with beautiful, vibrant flower displays. The event usually lasts two weeks, beginning mid-March. Information and dates here.
Visiting New York City in April
  • Baseball Season Opener: Even if you’re not a huge baseball fan, getting out to at least one ball game should be on your radar. Home to both the Yankees and the Mets there’s plenty of games to choose from!
  • Easter Bonnet Festival: Every Easter New York City hosts a parade and bonnet festival. Less of an organized march and more of a fashion get-together, the bonnet festival traces its roots back more than 140 years! The runway is Fifth Avenue, with the hot-spot being the area around St. Patrick’s Cathedral.
  • Earth Week: Each year the Concrete Jungle takes part in the global celebration, Earth Week. Streets go emission free by stopping all vehicular traffic, local gardens host public events and the parks fill up just a little extra. Further details here.
  • Cherry Blossom Festival: Brooklyn Botanic Garden hosts an annual Cherry Blossom Festival to both educate folks and provide a scenic landscape to enjoy. More info can be found on their website, along with a bloom tracker.
cherry blossoms at Green-Wood Cemetery Brooklyn
Visiting New York City in May
  • Shakespeare in the Park: The Public Theater has been putting on free productions of Shakespeare for 60 years at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park. The shows are enjoyable for audiences of all ages.
    It’s a professional-grade play, and even if you’re not a “theater geek” there is still a great time to be had. More info, including this years play can be found here.
  • Summer on the Hudson: Summer on the Hudson is an annual festival put on by NYC Parks in collaboration with the Riverside Park Conservancy. Dance, art and yoga classes are hosted for free along the Hudson River. Further reading here.
  • Bronx Week: Bronx Week is dedicated to celebrate the culture of one of New York City’s most underrated boroughs. There’s a week’s worth of fun with live concerts, a parade and annual inductions into the Bronx Walk of Fame (Hollywood who?). More info here.
The Plaza Hotel NYC
Visiting New York City in June
  • Museum Mile Festival: New York City has designated 5th Ave from 82nd to 105th Streets the museum mile. During the event the streets are closed to vehicular traffic and the doors of the museums along the stretch (the MET, Museo del Barrio, Guggenheim etc) are opened to the public free of charge. Further reading here.
  • Tribeca Film Festival: Created as a way to bring liveliness back to one of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan after the attacks on 9/11, the Tribeca Film Festival has become one of the premier film festivals in the world. Over 600 films are played and more than 150,000 people attend annually. Official website here.
  • Puerto Rican Day Parade: For than 65 years the Puerto Rican Day Parade has celebrated the culture and heritage of our Caribbean neighbors in they way only they know how, with music, dance and a lot of joy. More info.
  • Pride Parade: New York City saw the birth of the LGBTQ+ rights movement in America so it should come as no shock it’s home to one of the most epic pride parades in the world. All of pride month is stacked with activities and events, but the cherry on top is the pride march. Read more on the official website.
Visiting New York City in July
  • Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks: The firework show along the East River has been hosted by Macy’s since 1976. The riveting display of fireworks is set to music within the greatest city in the world as backdrop. More info can be found here.
  • Restaurant Week: Like in February, Restaurants all across the city offer two and three course meals at a discounted rate giving folks the opportunity to try a little bit of everything. Dates and info here.
  • Harlem Week: In an aim to celebrate Harlem’s African-American, African, Caribbean, Hispanic, and European history the neighborhood puts on an annual event filled with music, food and performances. More info here.
Best Ice Cream New York City
Visiting New York City in August
  • Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival: Every August in Flushing Lake locals gather to both show off and race their dragon boats (boats shaped like dragons). It’s a family-friendly event where so bring the kids! Dates & info here.
  • Broadway in Bryant Park: Some of the most popular Broadway shows put on short bits and performances in Bryant Park in the summer. Best part? It’s free! Bring a picnic blanket and enjoy. More info here.
  • Summer Streets: Streets all across the city go car-free for three weekends in August. This enables local restaurants to stretch dining into the street, kids to play and a utopian-like place to relax. Streets & dates here.
  • U.S. Open: The final tennis Grand Slam tournament of the year has been hosted at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York since the 1970’s. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster.
Visiting New York City in September
  • New York Fashion Week: The second leg of New York Fashion Week, there are runway shows at venues all across the city and even one on one shopping opportunities with the designers. If you’re into the fashion this is the best time to visit New York City. Read more here.
  • Feast of San Gennaro: Taking over Little Italy for nearly 100 years. Although it’s no longer the enclave it once was, the Italian roots still run deep in this neighborhood and there’s plenty of opportunities to eat and drink your fill (it wouldn’t be a real Italian party if you left hungry). Official website here.
  • 9/11 Tribute: Although it’s a somber feeling, I encourage anybody who visits NYC to pay their respects at the 9/11 Memorial. There is no better time to do it than on the tragedy’s anniversary when twin spotlights light up the sky in tribute, all throughout the night.
  • New York Film Festival: This festival takes place at the Lincoln Center and annually showcases the best films to hit the big screen. Both low and high budget films are screened, and it’s an experience you won’t soon forget. Tickets and info here.
  • Broadway Week: During Broadway Week folks are able to purchase 2-for-1 tickets, effectively doubling the bang for your buck. If you’re a Broadway geek (like me) this might be the best time to visit New York City! Dates and tickets available here.
Moving to Manhattan New York City
Visiting New York City in October
  • Archtober: New York City is known for its beautiful buildings, and every October you can tour some of the most iconic architecture that has gone into these structures. Gain special access and learn how they were made from architects themselves. Official website here.
  • New York Comic-Con: Cosplayers take the city by storm during New York Comic Con. Its estimated nearly 200,000 people visit to check out the panels and events hosted by comic book artists, actors and film producers. More info here.
  • Basketball/Hockey Season Opener: If you’re a sports fan the best time to visit New York City might be October thanks to the many season openers.
    The Yankees and Mets of Major League Baseball and the New York Rangers of the National Hockey League will be suiting up for the first time in hopes of great seasons. Do yourself a favor and check out a game.
  • Greenwich Village Halloween Parade: As far as Halloween events in New York City go, the Halloween parade in Greenwich Village tops the list. If you’re in the city on October 31st this is where you want to be.
    You can participate in the parade simply by showing up in costume, or just bring a camera and spectate from the sidelines.
Visiting New York City in November
  • TCS New York City Marathon: Cheer on the runners at the New York City Marathon along with thousands of locals who treat the day like a holiday. You might see a celebrity or a friend, or maybe you’ll just lose your voice yelling. Either way, the New York City Marathon is a memorable and fun experience. Dates here.
  • New York Comedy Festival: More than 100 comedy shows featuring more than 200 comedians across all five boroughs is one big reason November is the best time to visit New York City. Official website here.
  • Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade: o the tune of 50 million viewers cheering them on, The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is a NYC Thanksgiving tradition unlike any other. The only thing better than watching it on TV? Watching it live during your trip to the Big Apple.
NYC Marathon Best time to visit NYC
Visiting New York City in December
  • Christmas Markets: In a city known for it’s shopping, often times the best finds are tucked away in one of the many New York City Christmas Markets. For a list of markets and dates read this.
  • Christmas Trees: Nothing embodies the holiday spirit quite like the awe-inspiring Christmas trees in NYC, and they’re everywhere. For the ones you can’t afford to miss be sure to check this out.
  • New Years Eve: It’s no secret that New York City has it all, from confetti showers at the Times Square Ball Drop to spending the evening dressed to the nines at a cocktail party, you can get as fancy (or relaxed) as you want. If you need help planning your New Years Eve read this.
  • New York Road Runners Midnight (New Years Eve) run: If working out on the dance floor isn’t your style, why not work out with a run through Central Park to ring in the New Year in New York City. Entry costs $70 for the 4 mile race, with registration taking place on NYRR’s website.

I want to end this article by encouraging you by saying that the best time to visit New York City is when you’re ready and interested.

Although there may be a best time to visit New York City for general trips, I have no way of knowing if your favorite band is in town or if there’s a conference you really want to attend. And once you’re here, go all out!

Regardless of the season, New York City will be magical and ready for you whenever you decide the time is right. Plus, the city isn’t going anywhere, so you can always come back. 😉

What’s the best time to travel to New York City? (Post Summary)

In sum, the best time to visit New York City is fall, hands down.

  • Fall
  • Spring
  • Winter
  • Summer
Best time to visit New York City

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Hope you found my post on the best time to visit New York City helpful.

Thanks for reading, cheers!