The infamous Dîner en Blanc is officially back after a two-year hiatus

It’s been two full years since secret posh picnic event Dîner en Blanc has taken over a public green space in Manhattan. Alas, the exclusive happening is officially back, gearing up to celebrate its 10th anniversary in New York on September 19.

As usual, you’re asked to don your finest white wear before descending on the yet undisclosed location to enjoy an elegant soirée picnic. You’ll be asked to meet at an assigned departure location, where a volunteer will then escort you to the very secret destination.

Dîner en Blanc
Photograph: Eric Vitale

Remember: you must bring a table, two white chairs, a white tablecloth and a picnic basket “comprising fine food and proper stemware and white dinnerware.” If you can’t imagine coming up with your own menu, you can reserve a catered picnic basket on the event’s e-store and pick it up in person upon arrival.

Needless to say, attendees spend weeks coming up with beautiful table arrangements that folks talk about for years. The wilder, the better.

You can sign up for the event’s waitlist, which already boasts thousands of registrants, right here.

Diner en Blanc
Photograph: Daniel The Photographer Serrette

The infamous event, by many dubbed to be too exclusive, was launched by one François Pasquier and a handful of friends in Paris back in 1988. Fast-forward a few decades and, as noted in an official press release, “while the technology behind the event may have changed, the principle fueling [it] has not: guests dress in all white continue to gather at a secret location for the sole purpose of sharing a gourmet meal with good friends in one of their city’s most beautiful public spaces.”

In addition to the New York iteration of the happening, Dîner en Blanc also takes place in Athens, Stockholm, Havana, Guatemala City, Atlanta, Raleigh, Nairobi, Cape Town, Tel Aviv, Seoul, Mumbai and Tokyo among plenty of other cities around the world.

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