The popular Barnes & Noble on Court Street is moving inside a former Barneys

If you’re used to stocking your at-home library shelves with finds from the Barnes & Noble in Brooklyn Heights, you might soon have to re-think your shopping habits. After two decades at 106 Court Street by Schermerhorn Street, the chain is moving a block away at 194 Atlantic Avenue, inside a space that was formerly occupied by Barneys.

“It has been a happy 20 years of bookselling at Court Street,” said James Daunt, the CEO of Barnes & Noble, in an official statement about the news. “We are very pleased to be moving such a short distance and to inherit the beautiful space created by Barneys. Everyone who remembers their store will appreciate how exciting a building it is within which to be creating a new bookstore. It will be wonderful place from which to continue our bookselling in Brooklyn.”

Bonus points: the new destination is right next to Trader Joe’s, another shopping mecca in the neighborhood.

Including the Court Street shop, there are currently seven Barnes & Noble locations all over New York City and, although we’re partial to the best independent bookstores in NYC, which clearly add character to our town, we’ll gladly be home to whatever sort of literature-adjacent endeavor that stakes a claim locally.

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Happy readings, folks!

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