There’s a new way to track NYC’s vibrant fall foliage!

Get ready, New York City’s trees are about to pop with vibrant reds, oranges and yellows!

To help keep track of when trees are showing off their autumn colors, NYC Parks has launched its own fall foliage tracker. This is different than New York State’s I Love NY fall foliage tracker, which is a map that changes over time to represent the color of the leaves around the state.

The NYC tracker follows certain tree species (maple, Sweetgum and Black Gum, Ginkgo, Zelkova and Oak) that have particularly gorgeous colors in the fall. Once the tree species is in its glory, a checkmark will appear and the image will brighten on the site. You can check the tracker itself or follow @nycparks on Twitter to learn when they’re in their autumn color!

NYC Parks says the typical timeline of when these trees hit their peak autumn colors can vary, depending on weather, both in fall and earlier in the growing season. Sunny and dry conditions with cool nights in the fall can lead to more vibrant colors, but low soil moisture resulting from droughts in the summer or fall could cause trees to change color earlier or even lose their leaves without changing color, it says.

Either way, you’ll be sure to find incredible colors at these NYC locations, including in Central Park, Wave Hill and Alley Pond Park. 

Happy fall!

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