These three Bed Bath & Beyond stores in NYC are officially closing

College students might soon have to order all their dormitory supplies strictly online as popular retailer Bed Bath & Beyond has just announced it will be closing 87 stores across the country, including two in Brooklyn and one in Queens, in what appears to be a pre-bankruptcy declaration move. 

“As we continue to work with our advisors to consider multiple paths, we are implementing actions to manage our business as efficiently as possible,” a Bed Bath and Beyond spokesperson said to CNN. “This store fleet reduction expands the company’s ongoing closure program.”

In addition to the three Bed Bath & Beyond destinations affected by the announcement, New Yorkers will have to deal with the shuttering of four Harmon stores across town and a buybuy Baby shop in Brooklyn. The latter two brands are, in fact, owned by the same parent company. 

Here are the New York City stores set to close:

  • Bath Bath and Beyond at 459 Gateway Drive, Brooklyn
  • Bath Bath and Beyond at 72-15 25th Avenue, Queens
  • Bath Bath and Beyond at 850 Third Avenue, Brooklyn
  • buybuy Baby at 850 Third Avenue, Brooklyn
  • Harmon at 675 Sixth Avenue, Manhattan
  • Harmon at 850 Third Avenue, Brooklyn
  • Harmon at 245 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn
  • Harmon at 2171 Broadway, Manhattan

The news follows the company’s decision to close up shop at 150 other locations last August. 

Bed Bath and&Beyond was founded back in 1971, quickly becoming the go-to destination for affordable furniture, kitchen, bathroom and home decor pieces across the country.

Perhaps most knowingly, the retailer carved a space out for itself among would-be college students looking for low-cost dorm furniture. Add to the price tags the ubiquitous 20% off coupons that have become a familiar sight around town and you’ve got yourself a recipe for success—until the advent of the Internet and online shopping, which seem to be the major culprits behind the company’s recent financial problems.

For now, the famous Bed Bath & Beyond store in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood is still open, though, so you might want to take a trip there before the next round of closures is announced.

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