This average NYC home is selling for $15 million

It’s a dream home — because any buyer would have to be unconscious to pay this price.

A century-old clapboard duplex in Jamaica, Queens, is currently on the market for an eye-popping $15 million.  

Lux amenities include 1.5 baths, three bedrooms, a rusty chain-link fence, and an eat-in kitchen.

It’s nestled in a neighborhood that has seen rising violence, with the local 103rd Precinct reporting felony assault is up 9.5% and burglary 35.7% so far this year, according to NYPD data.

The two-story home sits atop a 20-by-100-foot lot, and was listed in June 2020 for $10 million.

The asking price comparable to a historic Upper East Side townhouse has real estate experts scratching their heads. In fact, $15 million can get you your very own private island off the Belize coast, with better beach vistas than Jamaica Bay.

A single-family home in Jamaica, Queens, with the listing sign for the listing agent.
The home was previously listed for $10 million in June 2020.
Stephen Yang

The property will “be in the New York Post [again] for the biggest decrease from the starting price,” quipped one veteran Big Apple broker. “I don’t think they’re gonna get $550,000 for it.” 

“They’re testing the limits of the market by a long shot,” laughed appraiser Jonathan Miller, who said the median sale price for a single-family property in southern Queens is $678,000.

A 26-year-old member of the family that owns the home, who would not identify himself because he claims the family received death threats over the listing, defended the eye-watering price tag.

A side view of a Queens single family home with two cars in front of it.
The family that owns the home believes a developer will shell out big bucks for the land underneath the home.
Stephen Yang

“Look around, there’s a lot of development going on,” he said. “There was an old open area near this listing that sold for a couple million and became an apartment building.”  

It’s being billed on a broker database as a “good investment property,” and is situated in a R6A zone that allows for 6- to 8-story apartment buildings, albeit on usually much bigger lots.

City records show there have been some recent seven-figure sales.

A single family duplex home in Jamaica, Queens, that is on the market for $15 million
The family is selling in part of because of rising violence in Jamaica
Stephen Yang

A multifamily home across the street with double the lot size sold for $1.7 million in 2018, before permits were filed in 2020 to construct a six-story building on the lot.

Still, the listing has drawn the ire of neighbors and online gawkers, the seller said.

“People get jealous,” he sniffed. “It is in human nature that, being someone who started from nothing, owning a property and then selling it for a huge insane amount to move somewhere else, people get jealous over that.”

A composite of a single family home in Queens, a Lamborghini, a French castle and a yacht
Here’s what else you could get for $15 million.


  • A private island in the Caribbean
  • A 153-foot-long yacht
  • A 48-room French castle
  • 60 2023 Lamborghini Huracáns (at $248,000 a piece)
  • Pablo Picasso’s “Fillette au bateau (Maya)” (1938)
  • 2482 front row tickets (including fees) to a Taylor Swift concert in East Rutherford, NJ

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