This iconic NYC candy shop is opening an outpost in Chelsea

Premiere NYC sweets destination Economy Candy, which just celebrated 85 years in business with a block party this past summer, is expanding for the very first time in its history, as first reported by Eater

The candy store will open a sister destination, A Taste of Economy Candy, inside of Chelsea Market tomorrow. 

Smaller than the original 2,000-square-foot store at 108 Rivington Street by Essex Street on the Lower East Side, the new outpost will sell “a selection of the same vintage candies and classics as the flagship store, with a rotation of new treats each month,” a representative explained to Eater.

This is all a big deal: since first opening back in 1937, the now downtown staple has never embarked on an effort of this magnitude, effectively restricting its foot traffic business to one portion of Manhattan. 

Its location, in an area with a high concentration of hip restaurants and bars, actually turned the business into a pretty vulnerable one back in 2020—when destinations around it closed and directly affected the number of people strolling in to browse through the over 2,000 candy varieties on offer.

Economy Candy actually ended up closing for 18 months in the middle of the pandemic, roaring back into business in September of 2021—clearly planning an eventual expansion that has now got lovers of sweets all over town extremely excited about the development. 

Dubbing it a “bite-sized version of the Rivington Street flagship,” Economy Candy just offered followers a look inside the new shop on its Instagram account. Expect to be wowed by countless delicious treats that will have you sign up for the nearest nutritionist in no time.

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