This is the most popular Halloween candy in all of New York


When it comes to Halloween candy, everyone has their own (very strong) opinion. Turns out, though, that a majority of New Yorkers actually share a preference—at least according to data gathered by

Looking at numbers gathered in the past 15 years (from 2007 through 2021, to be precise), the company broke down each state’s favorite Halloween candy. In New York, Sour Patch Kids topped the list, followed by Hot Tamales at number two and Candy Corn at the number three spot (a surprising entry, to be honest with you).

You can play around with the interactive map embedded above to see the rankings across each state, but we’d like to also point out that overall, Reese’s Cups was ranked the country’s go-to holiday sweet as a whole. The nation-wide top five is rounded out by Skittles, M&M’s, Starburst and Hot Tamales.

The study also unleashed a slew of other pretty interesting truths, including the fact that 172 million Americans celebrate Halloween (out of roughly 330 million inhabitants). Among them, 95% of folks will buy candy each year, spending about $27.55 on average with 30% of all purchases made online. This year specifically, overall Halloween spending is expected to hit $10.6 billion. 

One more thing: over 50% of parents (or, as we like to read it, adults) stash some sweets to enjoy later in the year once the holiday wraps up. That sounds… fairly familiar. 

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