This local bakery officially sells the best baguette in New York

Did you know the Consulate General of France hosts a competition each year to determine who bakes the very best baguette in New York? True story.

Following a stiff battle between finalists chosen by readers of media company French Morning and Frenchly, this year’s jury—comprised of well-known chefs Alain Allegretti, Jacques Torres and Laurent Tourondel—awarded the best baguette award to our very own Breads Bakery. Congratulations!

The winner beat out the likes of Bourke Street Bakery, an Australian transplant that calls midtown Manhattan its New York home; Chocopain, founded by Frenchwoman and former pharma veteran Clémence Danko in 2012; New Jersey-based Liv Breads; and Francois’ Bakery, among others. 

The competition has been going on for six years all across the U.S. and Canada and past winners include the likes of Maison Kayser.

The Breads Bakery baguette, which is actually one of the most popular items at the shop, is sourdough and it’s shaped to come to such a sharp point that it effectively toasts during the baking process, giving rise to two crispy little ends to the bread. Needless to say, those are some people’s favorite portions of the food. 

“Baguettes have a very short life,” explains Gadi Peleg, the owner of Breads Bakery. “They are really great when they come out of the oven. After 24 hours, they are hardly edible. To capture this brief moment to ensure our guests can enjoy our baguettes at their prime, Breads Bakery’s baguettes are baked in small batches throughout the day.”

We suspect that the various Breads Bakery locations throughout Manhattan will see an influx of baguette customers this week, so make sure to get there bright and early to get yourself a deliciously fresh loaf of bread.

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