This map shows you how to properly avoid SantaCon shenanigans this year

Whether you look forward to it each year or would rather avoid the city when it happens, the annual SantaCon event has good intentions. After all, in the last decade alone, organizers have raised over $900,000 for charitable causes—that’s a lot!

Every $15 ticket sold directly benefits Santa’s charity drive and all proceeds are usually split between the various charities selected each year (find them all here) and local neighborhood ones. 

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However, as important and, let’s be honest, culture-defining, as the annual shenanigans are, we can’t argue with New Yorkers who simply can’t stand the chaos caused by hundreds of Santa Clauses rushing around bars, drinking beer and celebrating the holidays, which is why we expect many to stay cooped up inside when this year’s SantaCon kicks off this Saturday morning at 10am. 

To help you avoid the crowds, you’ll want to check out this map of the route that all dressed-up folks will follow this weekend. 

Things will kick off in the morning on Broadway and 40th Street, with a giant dance party that will pump everyone before heading to participating bars and clubs, including John Sullivan’s at 210 West 35th Street, Pando39 by Sixth Avenue and Stags Head at 252 East 51st Street. 

Insomnia Cookies locations will also be participating, offering Santas a bunch of pretty awesome deals designed to soak up all that alcohol. They’ll need it.

And if you just so happen not to be a hater, more power to you. You’re going to want to use this map to join in on the fun, then! Happy SantaCon!

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