This new pastrami on rye sandwich pays homage to Billy Crystal

There are a few celebrities that we can think of that deserve their own food to be added to New York’s diverse culinary scene, but none feel as timely as Billy Crystal, who is just about to wrap up his run on Mr. Saturday Night, set to close on Broadway after five months this Labor Day weekend.

Inspired by the 74-year-old actor’s role in the production, Friedman’s at the Edison in the Theater District at 228 West 47th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues is serving a special pastrami on rye sandwich that serves as an homage to the artist. 

Clearly, this makes for the perfect bite before catching one of Crystal’s last shows, especially considering the restaurant features an exciting singing wait-staff and memorable sing-along sessions all week long. It does not get more Broadway than this.

As any fan of the celebrity has likely thought of as soon as reading about a Crystal-inspired pastrami sandwich, the actor has a deep connection to the food, all thanks to his iconic role in the cult-favorite 1989 rom-com When Harry Met Sally…

In one of the most recognizable and dissected scenes in the awesome movie, Ryan’s Sally and Crystal’s Harry are sharing a meal at Katz’s Delicatessen. Trying to prove how easy it is to “fake it,” Sally pretends to have an orgasm while biting into a pastrami sandwich, sitting right across from Harry. Given Sally’s expert act, the lady at the table next to the couple suddenly says to the waiter “I’ll have what she’s having,” pointing at Sally.

In this case, we’ll gladly have what Friedman’s is offering.

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