This vending machine in the Garment District gives out delicious Italian treats

Talk about getting creative: in addition to serving delicious bomboloni, croissants and focaccia pieces on premise, Italian bakeshop Angelina Bakery is currently operating a dessert vending machine that sits right outside its Garment District location at 575 Eighth Avenue by 38th Street, where folks get to grab to-go treats during the shop’s business hours (Sundays through Thursdays from 8am to 9pm and Fridays and Saturdays from 8am to 11pm).

Angelina Bakery
Photograph: Courtesy of Angelina Bakery

The vending machine can hold up to 100 items at once and Angelina Bakery’s staff restocks it daily with a variety of options, including cream puffs (available in hazelnut, Chantilly cream, strawberry, pistachio and chocolate cream flavors for $8 each), cake pops (at $5 each, they come filled with either apricot jam, chocolate or Nutella) and Angelina pops, which are mini canned cakes that come in soda pop packaging and are available in four different flavors (tiramisu, fresh strawberry, mango, pistachio and caramel).

When asked how long the concoction will stay in place, folks at the bakery will only note that it will be there “for a limited time before moving to another New York location.” Our guess is that the staff will begin operating it at Angelina Bakery’s second Manhattan outpost in Times Square at 1675 Broadway by 52nd Street. But what do we know?

What we will say is that the bakery’s sweets are absolutely phenomenal, starting with the various tarts and cannoli (tube-shaped shells of fried pastry dough filled with ricotta, a staple of Sicilian cuisine) and including the light, fluffy Italian doughnuts that are endemic to the European country.

So, whether it’s to buy a treat from a vending machine or the brick-and-mortar shop, make sure to stop by one of Angelina Bakery’s two locations in the near future.

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