Times Square spins new tourist attraction

Times Square is spinning New Yorkers and tourists right round.

The incentive to bring life back to the heart of the Big Apple is reaching new heights with the implementation of a 110-foot-tall Ferris wheel on Broadway and 48th Street.

In an effort to revitalize the economy and bring back tourists to one of the most iconic locations in the world, Vito Bruno the founder and CEO of AM:PM Entertainment Concepts developed the idea to bring a giant Ferris wheel to Midtown Manhattan.

Fernando says he purchased the very first VIP ticket. Photo by Dean Moses

“It’s time for people to come out and enjoy the city as the greatest city in the world,” Bruno said, adding, “Times Square is open, it’s back!” 

Bruno told amNewYork Metro that the Ferris wheel is designed to showcase the iconic city from a new angle.

“This is a safe environment and the Times Square Alliance has worked very hard at bringing people back here and showcasing Times Square in a new light. Now you get to see Times Square like you’ve never seen it before,” Bruno added. 

Amongst the glimmer of Broadway’s billboards stands a 110-foot tall Ferris wheel. Photo by Dean Moses

Working with the Times Square Alliance, Bruno welcomes all visitors to ride his Ferris wheel, which is open weeklong from noon to midnight and costs $15 for children (must be over 3 years old), $20 for adults or $35 if you want to skip the line with a VIP pass, and those who have been vaccinated between AUG. 1 and Sept. 12 will receive a free ride (only 100 free rides per day). Additionally, discounts are made for public servants, such as teachers, police, firefighters, and others.

Lines wrapped around the block as people of all ages strove to be the first to ride. Rob Harper watched the construction process on Tuesday and jumped at a chance to rise above the city with his two sons, although recent shootings in the area made him think twice about coming out.

Excited to be among the first to try out the Times Square Ferris Wheel. Photo by Dean Moses

“I think this is a great idea, I just don’t know if it’s going to attract people to come to Times Square, especially with the price 20 bucks per ride, you can go to an amusement park and ride one a lot cheaper,” Harper said, adding, “I would like it to become a staple in Times Square, just seeing this in Times Square, providing they get the crime down, I think this would be a good idea. One of the reasons I’m coming out during the day, I didn’t want to come out at night, is because of the crime. I would love to see this at night, to see the city, but I’m thinking I don’t know about the crime issue.”

The Ferris wheel seats about 144 people at a time within its 24 cars and allows spectators to have a beautiful view of Broadway amongst the glimmer of billboards and streetlights.

The Times Square Ferris Wheel can carry up to 144 people within its 24 cars. Photo by Dean Moses

Local mail carriers Chantel and Juan work at the post office in Hell’s Kitchen on 57th Street and were some of the first in line. Still wearing their United States Postal Service outfits, they were all smiles as they returned to land.

“It was very good, an amazing view!” Juan said as the pair slapped a high five.

The Ferris wheel will only be around until SEPT. 14, and tickets can be purchased at the Ferris wheel booth or online at timessquarewheel.nyc 

The view from 110 feet in the air. Photo by Dean Moses