To add insult to injury, single people pay more for living alone in NYC

New York City singles who live alone are paying the most in “singles taxes” every year, according to Zillow’s newest report.

The study looked at how much more single people in the U.S. are paying to live alone in a one-bedroom apartment compared to couples in the same living situation—and New York singles are shelling out the most.

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Singles living in a one-bedroom apartment in NYC pay $19,500 more a year than someone living with a partner in the same place, the report says. This rises to nearly $24,000 in Manhattan, the priciest borough (unsurprisingly).

Zillow Singles Tax graph
Graph: courtesy of Zillow

On average in the U.S. solo renters are paying almost an extra $7,000 a year, Zillow says. Of course, the “singles tax” isn’t actually a tax levied from the government, it’s just the price of covering the entire rent yourself, rather than sharing it with a significant other or roommate

Zillow found that splitting the rent bill can actually save a collective $14,000 annually.

“Living alone has its perks—you never have to share a bathroom, you have a claim to the TV at all times, and dirty dishes can stack up as long as you want, judgment-free. But all that freedom comes with a cost,” said Amanda Pendleton, Zillow home trends expert. “Even though rent prices are starting to cool, they are still significantly higher than they were a year ago. Renters considering going solo this year must decide how valuable living alone is to them, and if the cost is worth it.”

According to Insider, the Census Bureau says the number of single adults is rising. Nearly half of adult Americans are unmarried, and in 2019, 38% of adults 25 to 34 were not married or living with a partner, a Pew Research Center report says. So with inflation on the rise and the cost of housing at an all-time high, it’s not great out there for solo renters.

In good news, however, there are discounts to be found around the city, including in Greenpoint right now.

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