Tonight’s sunset will be the last 8pm sunset NYC will see this year

And just like that, summer is slowly coming to an end, as signaled by tonight’s sunset—the very last one to take place after 8pm this year. 

Specifically, according to Date & Time, darkness will begin descending upon the city at 8:01pm later today and at 7:59pm tomorrow. The next time sunset will happen after 8pm again will be May 9, 2023.

Although dealing with shorter days throughout a New York winter certainly depresses us, there is something exciting about the arrival of fall and, with it (hopefully), lower temperatures. It’s been a long, hot summer indeed.

We do, however, have some time until the days actually get shorter since Daylight Saving Time ends on November 6. The shortest day of the year happens a bit after that, on December 21, when the sun is scheduled to set at 4:31pm. And around and around we go.

We’re here to remind you, though, that there is still a full month of summer left on the calendar, with plenty of seasonal pursuits across town that you should revel in.

To that end, consider this a call to action and a reminder to try and work through our list of best things to do this summer in NYC during the next few weeks, including a visit to DiscOasis, a groovy roller skating experience at Central Park’s Wollman Rink and a trip to Shakespeare in the Park, the beloved annual theater event that has delighted New Yorkers for many summers.

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