Top Book Publishers in NYC

Publishers are crucial to the publication process since they read various books sent in and decide which ones to publish for readers to purchase. Plenty of top publishing houses operate out of New York City (NYC), including independent publishers such as Manhattan Book Group and Bellevue Literary Press. Each publishing house has its own publication style and offers different benefits depending on what you want to publish.

To help you narrow down which publishers to go with for your next title, here is a list of 5 top book publishers in NYC, their benefits, and submission guidelines.

1. Manhattan Book Group

The Manhattan Book Group is located on Broadway in NYC and is known as the top hybrid book publisher worldwide. They combine traditional publishing and self-publishing elements to give authors the best of both worlds. Authors selected for their proprietary author program also receive online advertising and press release services to guarantee placement as an Amazon Best Seller and on NBC, Fox, and CBS websites. For a video review and more featured articles on Manhattan Book Group reviews, check out this website.

Book Genres: There are no limits to genres that can be submitted.

Manuscript Submission: You can arrange for a free consultation or submit the first chapter of your manuscript online here. No literary agent is required.

Notable Titles:

  • War Widow: How the Six Day War Changed My Life by Ziva Bakman Flamhaft
  • Santa’s Tiniest Elves by T Love
  • Unyielding Destiny by Spiros Gratsias

Publishing Benefits:

  • Books are edited and designed by an expert team
  • Books become available to 30,000 wholesalers and retailers in over 100 countries
  • Authors retain creative control and publishing rights
  • Authors receive 100% royalties

2. HarperCollins Publishers

Headquartered in NYC, HarperCollins Publishers is a traditional publisher that’s been around since 1989. They have operations in 17 countries and publishes around 10,000 new books every year. They offer an agent portal providing data on sales and anti-piracy efforts. If you want to submit an unsolicited manuscript, their imprints Avon Impulse and Heartdrum are available.

Book Genres: Adult, children, and young adult books, including fiction and non-fiction. Heartdrum publishes Native-focused children’s books and Avon Books is a digital-first publisher.

Manuscript Submission: Harper Collins requires authors to have a literary agent for submission. For unsolicited submissions, you can find information on submitting to Heartdrum and accessing Avon Impulse’s next open submission periods here.

Notable Titles:

  • Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White
  • The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis
  • The Stepsisters by Susan Mallery

Publishing Benefits:

  • Authors receive editing, marketing, and industry insights of reader behaviors
  • They have well-established connections with booksellers
  • They use digital technology to expand author reach and create unique reading experiences

3. Kensington Publishing Corporation

Founded in 1974, Kensington Publishing Corporation is a multi-generational family business located in NYC. They are an independent publisher that aims to publish “books that America wants to read.” To accomplish this, they have the following imprints covering a diverse range of genres: Zebra, Kensington Books, Pinnacle, Citadel Press, Dafina, and Lyrical Press.

Book Genres: Cozies, fantasy, fiction, romance, western, non-fiction, true-crime, and mystery and thriller

Manuscript Submission: You must select an editor from the list here and send only a query in the email. They will request manuscripts after this initial contact.

Notable Titles:

  • Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn
  • The Orphan Collector by Ellen Marie Wiseman
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder by Joanne Fluke

Publishing Benefits:

  • They offer targeted marketing and promotional programs to get reader’s excited
  • They are a people company building personal relationships with authors and treat writers as “part of the family”
  • Authors can convert their titles into audiobook format

4. Holiday House

One of America’s oldest and biggest children’s book publishers, Holiday House was established in NYC in 1935. They specialize in publishing hardcovers, including picture books and young adult books such as graphic novels. Holiday House supports the diversity of voices in the books they publish and empower authors to write authentically by using their experiences to talk about race diversity, ability, sexuality, and more.

Book Genres: Fiction or non-fiction children and young adult books.

Manuscript Submission: You can find FAQs on submitting manuscripts electronically or through the mail here. No literary agent is required.

Notable Titles:

  • Finding Langston by Lesa Cline-Ransome
  • Lucas Makes a Comeback by Igor Plohl
  • The Space We’re In by Katya Balen

Publishing Benefits:

  • Books are processed and distributed by Penguin Random House, another well-known publishing house
  • They offer traditional publishing services for pre-production and marketing
  • A specialized publisher in children’s books with authentic, diverse voices

5. Bellevue Literary Press

Bellevue Literary Press is a small, New York nonprofit publishing press established in 2007.

Their books are at the intersection of the sciences and arts as well as foster dialogue to support new ways of thinking and engaging with the world. They also have a sister organization, Bellevue Literary Review, that features a forum for established and emerging writers.

Book Genres: Literary fiction and non-fiction in the arts and sciences.

Manuscript Submission: They have open unsolicited submission periods for different kinds of submissions. Check out their current calls for submission here.

Notable Titles:

  • The Polish Boxer by Eduardo Halfon
  • Pain Studies by Lisa Olstein
  • Water, Ice & Stone: Science and Memory on the Antarctic Lakes by Bill Green

Publishing Benefits:

  • They have a reputation for publishing thought-provoking and meaningful publications
  • They offer unique eco-friendly printing
  • A publisher dedicated to literary fiction