Two years later: Protesters gather in Union Square remembrance of George Floyd

Demonstrators gathered in Union Square Park Wednesday night to remember the life of George Floyd two years after he was murdered.

When former Minnesota Police Officer Derek Chauvin killed Floyd by pressing his knee against his neck in 2020, thousands of New Yorkers marched through the streets everyday demanding justice. Powering through the trenches of the COVID-19 pandemic, clashes with the NYPD, and inclement weather, the protesters developed an unbreakable bond, and on May 25 they reunited.

Protesters were overjoyed to reunite.Photo by Dean Moses 
Protesters were overjoyed to reunite. Photo by Dean Moses

Greeting one another with warm embraces and smiles, they celebrated their pact and long-standing battle against racism. However, despite the joy of rekindled friendships, the group feels there is a lot more work to be done. 

“All we got is more names,” protest organizer Relly said. “Even though we got justice for George Floyd and his killer got locked up and everything, there are still more names after that … it wasn’t just about George Floyd getting killed by the cop. Like I said, everybody woke up and saw everything that was going on to black people. You can’t wait for what’s on the news, bro, we are outside everyday fighting, pushing — you can’t wait for it.”

Photo by Dean Moses
Photo by Dean Moses
Photo by Dean Moses

While Chauvin’s guilty verdict was a clear message regarding excessive police force, many protesters at the memorial march believe that the abuse and killings still continue without seeing the same media attention or justice served.

Assembling with signs scrawled with messages of hope, the park saw just over 100 demonstrators. The group was even treated to an appearance by Floyd’s brother, Terrence Floyd via a video call to the cheers of attendees.

After nightfall the protesters marched through the streets chanting “George Floyd!” 

“We demand and we need a bill that protects Black and Brown people from being attacked and harmed by these racist, white supremacists,” protester Desmond Marrero said. 

Photo by Dean Moses
Desmond Marrero.Photo by Dean Moses