Violent crash involving Revel driver, UPS truck stuns Midtown shoppers on busy strip

Shoppers and workers along West 34th Street in Midtown got quite the scare Tuesday morning after the driver of a Revel sedan crashed into a UPS truck and a double-decker bus.

Miraculously, police said, no serious or life-threatening injuries were reported in the wreck that happened at about 11:20 a.m. on May 24 along the major shopping thoroughfare near 7th Avenue.

According to eyewitness Ativa Broderick, 30, the Revel driver was speeding just outside of Old Navy — located at 150 West 34th St. — when he hit the UPS truck, sending the Revel vehicle careening into a tourist bus. 

“He was speeding, going like 70 miles per hour. The UPS truck was making a delivery at the CROCs store, and he hit the bus going like 70, then hits the bus–it sounded like an explosion – BOOM, he hit the bus because he was trying to squeeze in between the both of them. Come on man, we are on 34th,” Broderick said.

Photo by Dean Moses
Photo by Dean Moses

Colliding with both the UPS truck and a tourist bus, the small blue car was left demolished. Debris, glass, and even tires were left coating the roadway.

Officers from the Midtown South Precinct and EMS responded. Witnesses said at least one individual was transported by EMS. In addition, a worker with the tourist bus was also injured in accident. 

A member of the tourist bus received aid at the scene. Photo by Dean Moses

“The guy in the car was mangled up. It was just a horrific scene. He was doing highway speed, it was crazy,” Broderick said, “It was bad. He looked bad, bad blood. It was crazy. You hear the impact, and you don’t know what to do. Should I run? There were pieces flying everywhere. Tires coming off the car flew and hit the truck.” 

A fellow UPS worker who didn’t want to be named told amNewYork Metro that the truck driver survived but was being treated inside an ambulance at the scene.

Crowds of tourists and New Yorkers assembled at the accident, snapping photos of the wreck with their cellphones as the NYPD blocked both lanes.

Photo by Dean Moses