Weed 101: Everything to know about cannabis in NYC

We declare 2023 the year of weed.

Legal marijuana is about to burst onto the scene. The licenses have been doled out and business owners are gearing up to open dispensaries. It’s a new, green era.

It took over 17 months to see any signs of change from when recreational use was legalized in New York State. But now that we’re about to see legal cannabis on the streets of New York, it feels exciting and oh-so-close to reality than ever.

“The legal industry that New York really deserves is coming,” says Damian Fagon, the chief equity officer at the Office of Cannabis Management. “There are a lot of steps we have to take procedurally and legally. But it’s going to be worth it. The wait you’re going through will be worth it in the end. We will have the most diverse, inclusive, equitable, high-value industry in the world.”

So with legal weed soon within our reach, we are answering your burning questions, from the basics of buying to the established etiquette of smoking. Plus, we’ve identified the best comfort food and movies perfect to pair your puffs with.

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