What is was like to work Christmas Day at Eyewitness News in 1981

7 LINCOLN SQUARE (WABC) — Forty years ago this Christmas, Eyewitness News reporter Maxene Black drew the best assignment of the day. She didn’t have to venture out in the cold. In fact, she barely had to leave her desk.

On Dec. 25, 1981, she covered her own co-workers at Eyewitness News as they put out New York’s top newscast on the one day of the year nobody likes to work, except for at least one legendary producer Maxene interviews. This piece is an enjoyable flashback to the days of rotary phones, typewriters and teletype machines, to a time when “working from home” was a technological impossibility.

After her piece runs, Black requests at the anchor desk that Channel 7 management give her all the big holidays in 1982 off, to make up for working Christmas 1981, but it seems like “Uncle” Storm Field was not too optimistic about her chances of having her wishes granted.

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