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Where To Find Luggage Storage in NYC

When you are moving around New York City or have just landed from a long journey, or your home is not enough to accommodate everything you have, probably you’ll need a storage facility. We collect or purchase things in our daily lives, sometimes end und consuming a lot of space in the house that we end up left with no space to keep other things. Sometimes we even own valuable things that need to be properly kept and well taken care of. These things, when handled carelessly, may end up breaking or getting damaged hence losing their value. For example, when carelessly handled, properties that are made of glass may end up breaking into pieces.

Therefore when living around New York City, there are several factors to consider before choosing a luggage storage facility as discussed below:


Safety is the most important factor to consider when choosing a luggage storage facility. This is because no one would wish to store his/ her property where he/she will end up losing them. Cheap does not always mean safe, and at the same time, going for an expensive one does not guarantee the utmost safety for your property. Most of the people normally rush for cheap storage spaces only to get disappointed after they have discovered that there is a lack of security in the facility.

You should always ensure that you stare at your properties in a safe place that will prevent them from theft and property damage. The presence of a security guard in the facility prevents any crime from occurring within the facility and provides high security. You are always supposed to have peace of mind whenever you visit the facility that stores your property. Not that every time you visit the facility, you have a doubt that your properties may have been stolen or damaged.

The facility should also have a fence as this indicates privacy within the facility. Having a fence will also prevent people from getting in and out of the premises without permission. Another factor to consider as far as safety is concerned is fire safety. The facility should be built and fitted with facilities that prevent and manage a fire outbreak in case it occurs. The premise should be well equipped with fire extinguishers, fire alarms, detectors, and sprinklers. These will ensure your properties are safe even when there is a fire outbreak.


Most storage facilities located within the city are cheaper than those far away from the city. You may also need access to your property whenever you need it, and this will require you to store your properties in a convenient place where you can easily access them.

Size options

You should also consider size before choosing a storage facility for your properties. A good storage facility is one that offers several spaces at a fair price. You should not waste money on renting a space that you will not need. You should also compare the unit sizes and ensure you go for a price that fits you.


When your property is well taken care of, it is clear that they value your property more than the money. Therefore it is good when you look at the place’s upkeep before you select a storage facility. Also, you should check for structural damage to the buildings. You should check for things like if there are holes in the wall that small animals like small pets can use to get through into the building and damage your property. It would help if you also looked at the landscape of the property and also the lighting of the facility. A facility that is open all the time should have proper lighting as this will add to its security for a property.


You ensure you store your property in a place that you can easily get access to. Having that in your mind, you should know that some storage facilities are not open all the time but remain closed after some hours or during the weekends. This will deny you the opportunity to access your property anytime you need it, thus making the facility inconvenience. Sometimes you work from every morning to evening and the only time you can get access to your property is in the evening. This means that if you store your property in a facility that closes at 4, it will be difficult for you to access your property.Therefore, you should do some research before choosing a storage facility and ensure you choose one that will allow evening access. Some storage facilities also provide gate access to their customers. That means that those in need to enter during the weekends into the facility can access their property. This means that you need to understand the business operating hours of a given facility before you choose it.
There are many important factors to consider before choosing a storage facility. This is the reason why you should not just choose a facility by word of mouth or outlook appearance. Therefore you should visit a facility in person before you choose and weigh its advantages and disadvantages to come up with a proper decision about it.

Where to Get a Luggage Storage Facility in NYC

Luggage storage NYC is the best solution that you can have when your travel time does not much with your check-in or your check out times. Nobody would like to be dragging heavy luggage and suitcases when between reservations. New York City has a lot of unique features to see, several events you can attend, and various activities to take part in. This means that luggage storage nyc will give you a chance just to have your essential properties while you continue to enjoy every moment you have in the city.There are several places you can store your luggage in New York City wherein several places such as Washington Square, near Penn Station, or the Museum of Natural History. With so many options available in the city, Luggage storage is never a long walk away. Therefore, here we have discussed some of the places where you can store your bags within the city so that you can choose the best option.


This is one service that stands above the rest of the services being offered in the city. It is always considered the best and the largest storage facility in the city and has more than one hundred locations in the city. It can connect you with several storage spaces that are secure that are in local shops and hostels, and this means that you store your bag wherever you are, and anytime you need to. The only thing you need to do is to book the storage spot you have chosen through the Stasher app or website. You then have to show your booking confirmation when you check your bag in and enjoy the rest of the time you spend in the city without having to drag your bags around with you.

Luggage storage in New York with Stasher is affordable and also comes with insurance, which is an added advantage to you. That means that when your luggage gets lost or damaged within the facility, you are sure of getting compensated. This will give you peace of mind even when you go out to stroll as much as you want without having to worry much about your property.

When you store your luggage in any company, all you would want to know is the safety of your property. You also would want to know if your property is in good hands. With Stasher , all these are guaranteed.

Museums and Galleries

Some bags are allowed into the museums and galleries around the city, although there are some restrictions put on their positioning and their size as well. You should therefore check the size of the bag they allowed in the museum or gallery. This is because some may only allow small bags into the museum and only personal bags, and you might have come with a huge suitcase. This may inconvenience you in case you didn’t confirm earlier because you may be sent away with the suitcase. You should also consider if there are restrictions placed on the belonging you can bring in.

Schwartz Luggage Storage

This is one of the best alternatives for expensive airport prices. They only establish cash, and you are given a paper ticket that you will later use to collect your bag. After you are through walking around the town, you can come in, pick your belonging and go away; thus, the process is simple. It is located a short distance from Penn stations, and everything you leave in the facility is safe.

How to book for a Luggage Storage

Once you have made your choice on the storage facility you want to store your property, don’t get worried as the booking process is just very quick, and you will get through. There are different options you can use to book your storage facility. You can decide to visit the facility’s website or book via their app. In some, also, you just get in and do it manually.


A luggage storage facility is a service that will give you a chance to explore more in New York City without the burden of moving around with your luggage. Therefore you should consider booking one once you get into New York City.

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