Woman flipping ‘hoarder home’ finds enormous safe with ‘blackmail photos’

A woman and her boyfriend bought what they thought would be a perfect home with the hopes of flipping it, but they were shocked at the discoveries that were left behind — including a massive safe filled with “blackmail” photos of strippers, weapons and other bizarre items.

Tiffany Ma, 28, and her boyfriend Matt dreamed of flipping the “worst home on the block” for some big bucks — after buying it in an auction, sight unseen, last October — but instead entered an “abandoned hoarder home.”

However, the couple discovered two safes on the property — one of which was already opened and ransacked, reportedly by a robber, while the other sat in the garage and weighed over 4,000 pounds.

It turns out the huge safe was filled with all sorts of alarming items, some of which the new homeowners didn’t reveal and suggested they would need to turn over to the “authorities.” However, Tiffany showed her YouTube subscribers more of the “crazy” and “random” findings, including rare coins, jewelry with diamonds and amethyst, a knife seemingly containing a German inscription and a Nazi eagle emblem, ammunition, old money, a “bucket of photographs” and scrapbooks filled with pictures and human hair.

Unfortunately, instead of getting started on the planned renovations right away, when Tiffany and Matt showed up at their new home, they also had to spend their time combing through all of the abandoned items and trash.

Tiffany, who documented the experience to her 1.8 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, was inundated with instant regret — as well as massive amounts of dust, dirt, dead animals and the strong scent of urine — when she viewed and attempted to navigate the trashed house for the very first time. They claimed they had even paid the original owner’s estate $20,000 to clean it up.

hoarder house flipper
Tiffany and Matt discovered old coins and other money and trinkets stashed in the hoarder’s home.
jewelry in hoarder home
Tiffany and Matt found jewelry in one of the safes.
photos hoarder home
The safe also had “blackmail” photos of strippers in it.

Tiffany also shared that before they were able to crack the enormous safe, she and Matt had received a phone call informing them that the house they bought had been robbed just days before receiving the keys. They surmised that the robber was likely scrounging around for a particular item or items.

In addition, not long after, a man reportedly approached the couple, claiming to be the original owner’s nephew and asking for the contents of the massive safe left in the garage.

That led to the couple finding a way to crack the safe — using a circular saw — as they feared another robbery could be imminent.

dead animals hoarder house
The couple was shocked by the number of items, amount of dirt and even dead animals they found.

Unfortunately, after all of their efforts, the couple ultimately realized the dead animals, rat urine and other questionable items would make it impossible to actually renovate and resell the house itself.

Instead, Tiffany and Matt decided to demolish and make plans to rebuild the home.

In a recent video, they said the process — already underway — should be completed in about two months.

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