You can eat a giant ‘Choco Taco’ covered in 23-karat gold at this iconic NYC spot

Serendipity3 is doing it again: just a few months after debuting the most expensive fries in the world (a $200 order!), the iconic eatery is paying tribute to the now-discontinued cult favorite Choco Taco by offerings patrons its own version of the food. 

There are a couple of caveats, though: the delectable treat will be available for a single day…two months from now on October 4, which is actually National Taco Day. On that day, guests will see the new entry on the restaurant’s menu—and it’ll cost $100.

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The mere description of the dessert has our heads spinning and our taste buds titillating: the sweet taco will feature house-made waffles stuffed with Serendipity’s own brand of hot chocolate ice cream. The entire concoction will then be dipped in what a press release deems to be “rare” ruby chocolate and, finally, topped with 23K edible gold.

The Golden Choco Taco joins a long roster of other odd-but-certainly-worth-trying culinary creations by Serendipity3, including the largest cup of hot chocolate ever, the biggest wedding cake ever seen, the most expensive milkshake, sandwich and dessert in the world and the priciest ice cream sundae in the world. 

Clearly, when it comes to gastronomic creativity, Serendipity3 on the Upper East Side knows exactly what it is doing.

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