Your bacon, egg and cheese sandwich is about to get much more expensive

In a new report, the Associated Press posits that the classic New York bodega breakfast sandwich—a bacon, egg and cheese—is no longer as cheap as it used to be. Citing the increase in price at a bodega in the Bronx from $2.50 to $4.50 per sandwich as its only case study, the outlet caused an online uproar, with fans of the food arguing for its worthiness no matter its price tag and detractors claiming “it was never that good to begin with” (blasphemy!).

Alas, we’re here to note that—news flash!—in New York, the price of just about anything went up in recent months. Following is a list of the plenty of things that are more expensive than ever before at the moment: the price of admission at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the cost of a one-bedroom apartment in NYC, the average rent in town and, of course, the price of pizza (goodbye, $1 pizza slice!). And, lest you forgot, New Yorkers have recently survived a cream cheese shortage!

That is all to say: sure, you’ll have to shell out more money than ever to stuff your face into an iconic bacon, egg and cheese sandwich, but that is simply the price of living in this world in 2022.

After all, just as the Associated Press notes when quoting data from the United States Department of Labor, “producer prices have surged nearly 18% for goods and nearly 8% for services compared with June 2021.” 

Ironically, the only thing we can think of doing when analyzing these staggering numbers is to bury our anxiety and fear in a delicious bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. To that intent: here are the very best versions of the icon served around New York City. Enjoy them (just don’t look at your receipt). 

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